Public holidays are the best things to happen to Lagos – Ella Temisan



Nobody can argue the fact that without all the occasional public holidays; living in Lagos will be definitely the worst thing any man can do for himself and his family. We used to feel like this about weekends but that love had to be abandoned quickly.



It was as if everybody got the bright idea to reserve outings for weekends at the same time. So, the only two days of the week that people like us who can’t stay for long in moving vehicles (blame motion sickness) like to go out about town has now become a gbogbo ero affair.



To be honest, as a Lagosian, it is important to have at least two public holidays per month. One, at the beginning to catch our breath when it seems like we might run mad; and another towards the end when we need to rest before sending out that “Happy new month” text.

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Public holidays are the best things to happen to Lagos - Ella Temisan



Big shout out to our Muslim brothers, by the way. Y’all are the real MVPs. You never keep us wanting for these much needed public holidays. However, I don’t know why we Christians feel we don’t need more public holidays than we have already. The Gospel does not advocate perpetual stress.



It might be time to address the issue of how many of our celebrations need a public holiday. No shade but I’m sure Catholics have the entire Christian body covered in this regard.



Although I understand some of the reasons why the government scrapped that monthly environmental sanitation exercise; you have to agree that having to stay at home by force for some hours was a great feeling. My landlord used to organise actual clean-up activities for his compound at that time.

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After 10 am, the gutters would be looking habitable and the corners of the house would be tidy. Shame would even force some tenants to clean their homes as well; because the compound cannot be tidier than your parlour.


If you had time after cleaning, you could eat Akara and drink pap. Thereafter, you nap for an hour before Lagos “resumes”.



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Those were good times.


We don’t have the Saturday compulsory “public holidays” anymore. But we have Thursdays if you are a trader or a shop owner. What Thursdays, between 6am – 10am, does for non-traders is give us time to get to our destination without fear of too much traffic jam.



Public holidays are the best things to happen to Lagos - Ella Temisan



So, there is traffic, but it seems saner compared to Mondays. This is because traders are assumed to be chilling at home. They can take all the hours they get, abeg. Lagos hustle no easy.

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Lagos State wahala didn’t start today but the main thing is to find ways to survive it. For some people, it is to travel once in a while. For others, it is to eat enough swallow in the morning for the energy to struggle.


Do the one that floats your boat because the next time we will get time to get breathing space again; by way of public holidays; if you are lucky, is December 25.



At least Christians didn’t fall hand completely.


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