P&ID: Two ministers suspected as moles in $9.6bn judgement debt

Reports emanating from the Presidency suggest that some ministers may have been involved in the $9.6bn damages secured by P&ID against the federal government.

It was further uncovered during the week that some of these suspects are in President Muhammadu Buhari’s cabinet.

Further, it was gathered during the week that some suspected moles in the President Muhammadu Buhari’s cabinet are urging the FG to pay the $9.6bn ordered by the courts for purportedly breaching its contractual agreement with P&ID.

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At a session held in Aso Rock between President Buhari and some members of his cabinet on how to tackle the debt overhang, two ministers suspected to be serving other interests were said to have been adamant that the Federal Government should initiate “necessary action” to pay the foreign company the sum specified by the courts.

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The ministers in question were even said to have recommended two people who should meet with the representatives of P&ID to negotiate the terms for the payment of the debt.

However, President Buhari was reported to be opposed to the idea, saying that the federal government was prepared for a fight to the finish with P&ID on the matter.


The President’s declaration of his resolve was said to have put the two ministers in very uncomfortable positions and they are now doing everything they can to regain the President’s confidence.

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