Okorocha wants abolition of Federal Ministry of Agriculture

Senator Rochas Okorocha on Thursday, September 26, questioned the logic behind having a Federal Ministry of Agriculture when all the land belongs to state governments.

The former governor of Imo State argued that instead of the Ministry of Agriculture; there should be an adviser on the policy.

Okorocha stated this while contributing to a debate on the report of the ad-hoc committee on the 9th Senate Legislative Agenda.

He explained: “Today, we have a federal ministry of agriculture. My question is why should we have the federal ministry of agriculture. You only practise agriculture when the government has land. Where does the country have land?

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“Where agriculture must take place must be at the grassroots, local government level and state level. We could have an adviser with policymaking but not a full ministry of agriculture. These are things that create so much demand on the system and does not make it grow.”

The Senator also lamented the state of things in the country, asking his colleagues to lead by examples in cutting coats according to sizes.
“All is not well with the country. What we are seeing today; what the presidential system provides is that we cut our coat according to our size and not according to the material available.

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“What will make Nigerians have confidence in this senate is to introduce the principles of sacrifice.

We the senators have to dramatize this even if it is for the purpose of making the public know that this senate is ready to make a difference because if you cannot imbibe the principles of sacrifice; we have no business in leadership “he said.

He also pointed to projects in his state as the evidence of his stand on corruption.

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“I pride myself as a former governor. I’m talking to you about anti-corruption. Today, I can stand in pride that what I did in eight years in Imo state.

“I’m talking about people being able to challenge corruption. If you come to Imo; you will see the projects standing but one has cared to ask what we’re able to make the impossible possible and until we begin to know how people succeed, then, we cannot make any headway, “ he stated.

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