Okorocha blasts donor agencies, calls them ‘neo-colonialists’

Former Governor of Imo State, Sen Rochas Okorocha on Wednesday, September 25, accused donor agencies of being agents of imperialism.

Okorocha described the aid as a new form of “colonialism” due to its poor impact.

He stated this while speaking on a motion by Ibrahim Oloriegbe on the need to make aids work for its intended purposes.

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Okorocha said: “I call this a new colonialism. We must be careful about how we collect aids.

“I said this because what we are getting right now in terms of is not commensurate with the amount of development. So the money comes and goes back via the same channel.”

He also took a sling at Nigerians “who have made themselves experts in dealing with this country the way they like.”

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According to him, the same habit has rubbed off on the government when implementing projects.

He said: “Today in Nigeria, nobody talks about achievements, they talk about the paperwork.

“What has come as aid comes in trillions of naira but we cannot justify anything to show for it. This happens in the Federal Government, State Government and even NDDC.

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“You see people raise billions of naira and you can’t see N5000 work being done. This is what we have emulated from these masters outside and that is the major destruction of our nation.”

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