Nigerian lady unravels “do as I say” spiritual padlock (Video)

Nigerian lady unravels “do as I say” spiritual padlock (Video)


In a new viral video, a Nigerian lady has revealed a “Do As I Say” spiritual padlock on social media.


The Nigerian lady mentioned that the purpose of the padlock is to control the gain absolute control in a relationship. Further, the padlock can aid the user in retaining power in different fields of life.


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In the video, the young lady claimed that the padlock could make clients do whatever they are asked to do and even more. She went on to say that the padlock is fortified and powerful.

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The lady advertising her ‘do as I say’ product/ charm said it for both male and female.


She also mentioned that it is a valuable item for hustlers who might need favours from their clients.


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Watch the video below:


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Since the video surfaced online, numerous social media users have commented on the post. Some have criticized the use of voodoo due to the nefarious consequences.


Here is a cross-section of the comment section.



A couple of weeks ago, transvestite Bobrisky shared the photo of an alleged ‘charmed soap’ on his Instagram page.


The controversial figure seem to be considering a new career as a native doctor. Bobrisky mentioned that the aim of the charm is to help hypnotize greedy men.

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According to the screenshot, a lady who seems to be Bobrisky’s potential client contacted her for instructions on how to use her soap but Bobrisky rather advertised other account milking products to her.


See photo of the charm below.



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