How to find your wedding style



It’s everything visual, but it also relates to the ambiance of the event. The setting, the flowers, the lighting, the textures of your dress or linens—they can all be made cohesive by deciding on a distinct wedding style.


The best part about nailing down your wedding style? It helps you refine your focus and cut through the wedding-inspiration noise. Once you’ve determined the aesthetic you’re going for, you can zero in on the details that fit.

It will also help you communicate more effectively with your wedding vendors. If you say the words “rustic chic” or “classic elegance”, they’ll know exactly what you’re talking about. Which is really refreshing when there are so many decisions to be made.

So clearly it’s important to choose a wedding style. But how do you do it?

Classic Wedding Style

Also referred to as traditional or romantic, classic weddings have a timeless look that, well, stands the test of time. In other words, your grandchildren won’t laugh at your dated wedding photos. To accomplish this style, just say NO to the latest wedding trends.

Classic wedding ceremonies often take place in a church or garden, while elegant receptions fit right into an estate or ballroom setting.


The color palette may be soft, with neutral shades of blush pink, ivory and taupe, or it can go “black tie” with time-honored choices such as navy, black and white.


Florals like roses and peonies abound, and the bride is likely to walk down the aisle in a fit-for-a-princess ballgown.


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How to find your wedding style

Cultural Weddings

Cultural weddings celebrate the diverse ethnic backgrounds, traditions, and customs of the wedding couple.

Multicultural weddings effortlessly meld traditions from different parts of the world, further underscoring the idea that love transcends borders.

Incorporating these elements—is a beautiful way to bring families together—and show acceptance of each other’s culture. Now that’s true love!

What’s more, if the meaning of a certain custom truly speaks to you, feel free to incorporate it into your wedding—even if it’s outside your heritage.

How to find your wedding style

Glam Wedding Style

All that glitters is glam. We’re talking sequins, metallics, rhinestones, and crystal chandeliers. If you’re a firm believer that there’s no such thing as too much sparkle, a glamorous wedding may be perfect for you.

Also referred to as opulent, luxe, or lavish, glam weddings are known for being over the top. An abundance of lush florals, shimmering linens, and glittering bridesmaid dresses will fit right in.

A Gatsby-style mansion or high-end country club are venues that are formal enough to stand up to the glitzy décor. Plus, glam weddings are a great backdrop to showcase some jaw-dropping wedding trends, like champagne towers, hanging floral installations, or sequin table linens.



How to find your wedding style

Modern Wedding Style

Modern, contemporary, cutting-edge…all words to describe a bold wedding with clean lines and minimalist décor. Pretty much the opposite of “Classic Wedding” style, modern weddings showcase a fresh, fashion-forward aesthetic.

Modern weddings are often held in art galleries, museums, or industrial-chic warehouses and lofts. Oftentimes the venue itself is the visual focus, so other décor elements like flowers and linens can be kept clean and simple.

However, some modern weddings choose to go bold with the details.



How to find your wedding style

Rustic Wedding Style

When we say “rustic wedding” you may automatically think burlap, cowboy boots, and mason jars. But rustic weddings have come a long way since they exploded onto the wedding style scene!


Nowadays, rustic refers to anything that’s a bit rough around the edges, a bit more organic, and a bit more boho. Think forest weddings with leaves and branches as décor.

Or farm weddings with organic produce woven throughout the floral arrangements. Or even weddings on a mountaintop with the bride wearing a floral crown.

Anything that’s more casual, natural, and outdoorsy can fit under the rustic wedding umbrella. And the juxtaposition of distressed elements (like an old wooden barn) next to refined elements (like elegant white floral centerpieces) is where the whole “rustic chic” concept comes into play.



How to find your wedding style

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Themed Weddings

While wedding “style” describes the overall look and feel of your wedding, a wedding built around a “theme” gets much more specific. A themed wedding is dictated by a certain subject, and the details can take on more literal interpretations.

Themes can run the gamut from an all-white Winter Wonderland wedding, to a Nautical wedding with lots of anchors, to a spooky Halloween wedding with the bridal party in costumes.


Themed weddings are a great way to shout out your personal interests. Make those wedding colors green and yellow—and be sure to break out the cheesehead hats for the dance party. Themed weddings aren’t always the most elegant of events, but they sure are fun!


How to find your wedding style



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