How To Check MTN Data Balance Nigeria Fast

How to check mtn data balance. Today I am going to teach you how to see your remaining data balance on mtn. You won’t find these awesome techniques anywhere else.

This one of the best tech guides from 247hotnaija team. Am sure that you are going to love it, read on.

If you are in Nigeria, you would know how Nigerians purchase data on mtn to surf the internet. There’s no form of criticism in this post, as Nigerians also buy data from other network provider companies.

Look; am sure you know that there are different packages or data plans on mtn. They range from SME, mpulse, pulse, etcetera. Just to mention few of them and save your time, let’s move on.

Checking Mtn pulse data balance

If you would like to migrate to the mtn pulse plan, waict I will give you the USSD code. Kindly dial *406*1#, don’t be agitated if they deduct any money from your account.

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Mtn deducts only hundred naira (₦100) after a successful migration to mtn pulse. Things you will enjoy on mtn pulse :

Five hundred naira for 1gb data plan.

Goody bags.

Night plans at ₦25 for 250mb and ₦50 for 500mb.

Instagram data plan (instabinge). and lots more.

Simply use this USSD code that I am about to give you to check mtn pulse data balance. Kindly, dial *559#.

Using The MyMtn Application

Do you know that there is an alternative to all these ?. Yes, there is. This is where the MyMtn App comes in. Follow these steps to use the MyMtn App.

Go to google play store on your device.

Search for “MyMtn App”. It will automatically take you to the official application.

Click on “Download”. If there is not enough space on your device, it will bring a pop up. Try to free up some space on your device and make sure that there’s enough space for the app.

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Wait for the application to fully download.

Install the application after you have successfully downloaded it.

Open the application and wait for it to load completely. Make sure your data is on.

Check your mtn data balance with the application easily on your device. You can also use it to check your airtime balance anytime, as far as there is available data.

Mtn SME Data Balance

The mtn Small Marketing Enterprise (SME) data plan is very cheap in Nigeria. Because of its cheapness, so many people make use of it.

But wait, do you know the problem? I guess no. Techniques problem is that they don’t know how to check their SME mtn data balance.

To check your mtn SME data balance, I will give you the USSD code to dial on your smartphone. Just dial
*461*2*3*2# or you can follow the steps below.

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Dial *461#

Choose number two (2), Buy and manage SME data.

It will load, pick number three (3), check balances.

Enter 2 (two), beneficiary balance.

Conclusion On Steps To Check Mtn Data Balance

Checking your data balance on mtn is very easy. I am very sure that this post really helped you. The post is a quick DIY guide, so you have to use your phone.

You can also use the MyMtn App developed by mtn to check your balance. But the application needs cellular data to be able to work.

Why not share it with others?, it will also be of help to them. Feel free to drop a comment about this guide, I will reply to it as soon as possible.

You can also bookmark or save this page for future references. In case you forgot the steps or USSD code, etcetera, you may come back to check it.

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