Efia Odo: ‘I love seeing myself half-naked’


Popular Ghanaian actress Efia Odo has revealed in a new post on social media that she enjoys seeing herself half-naked.


Taking to Instagram during the early hours of Sunday, November 17, the Ghanaian actress shared a raunchy photo of herself flaunting her delectable skin.


Efia insisted that she doesn’t go nude but rather dresses half-naked.


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The actress who further disclosed that she loves seeing herself half-naked added that if she was fat she might think twice on showing off her body.

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“I don’t get nude.

I get half nude and it’s just how I am.

In fact, I wake up in the morning, if I wanna be fully covered, I’ll be fully covered.

If I wanna be half-naked, I can wear a bikini down the street if I want to but I’m in Ghana so I can’t,” she said during a recent interview.


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“For my brand, I think it kinda does pay off because people love seeing me half-naked and I love seeing myself half-naked.

“I think if I was fat I wouldn’t be half-naked but I got a pretty good body so why not show it off,” she concluded.

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See the photo she shared below.


Efia Odo claims sperm is essential in clearing pimples


In other news, Efia Odo mentioned that sperm can be instrumental in curing acne.


She mentioned that the sperm can be stored in the fridge and applied to make it last longer.


It must be recalled that Efia Odo is an outspoken actress who is not afraid to be opinionated. She came for actresses that have gone under the knife to make their physique more attractive.


She said:

Nobody with a natural body goes hard to prove their body is natural it’s always chicks with fakes asses that be trying to prove to the world that their body is real.’

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