Daddy Freeze reacts to prophet who said Tope Alabi will not make heaven because of what she wears

Daddy Freeze has responded to Evangelist Victor Edet’s who cases gospel vocalist, Tope Alabi won’t make paradise on the off chance that she will not quit wearing weavons, counterfeit nails, cosmetics studs’ and so on.

The media character in his counter-articulation to the case, expressed that when individuals tune in to untaught ministers, they end up with a distorted comprehension of Christ. Uncovering that Christianity has no clothing standard, Daddy Freeze anyway included that ‘Churchism and bornagainism’ two false, agnostic religions, in light of the thoughts of men, do.

He composed;

This one is a scholarly smaller person with a blattodean mind, displaying a lack of scriptural understanding and experiencing otherworldly discohesion. ?

When you tune in to untaught ministers, you can just wind up with a twisted comprehension of Christ.

Christianity has NO clothing regulation however ‘Churchism’ and ‘bornagainism’ two false, agnostic religions, in light of the thoughts of men, do.

The sacred writings state:

? 1 Peter 3:3 ?


Your excellence ought not originate from outward decoration, for example, expound haircuts and the wearing of gold adornments or fine garments.

This not the slightest bit infers that these things are awful, it just says they shouldn’t characterize your magnificence.

Another sacred writing cited outside of any relevant connection to the subject at hand is:

? 1 Timothy 2:9 ?


Furthermore, I need ladies to be unassuming in their appearance. They should wear respectable, suitable dress and not attract thoughtfulness regarding themselves by the manner in which they fix their hair or by donning gold or pearls or costly garments.

Ladies ought to be plunge, however who or what characterizes conventionality, has consistently been a quandary.

In the event that you wear a pleasant respectable wig or weave, that wont stand out, yet in the event that you wear a hip since quite a while ago kaleidoscopic wig or weave that certainly will draw consideration, Also, mellow, all around connected, humble make up won’t attract thoughtfulness regarding you, yet painting your face in uncomplimentary hues or making up like a drag ruler would.

About costly garments, Christ didn’t wear rich dresses himself and this can unmistakably be found in his depiction of John the Baptist in:

? Luke 7:25 ?


Or on the other hand would you say you were hoping to see a man wearing costly garments? No, individuals who wear wonderful garments and live in extravagance are found in royal residences.

On the off chance that Christ wore costly garments, at that point this would maybe peruse: “we that wear” rather than “individuals who”. Christ anyway didn’t have an issue with individuals wearing costly garments.

How about we recollect that Christ did not advise his supporters to go out and begin religions, however as people they soon accidentally ended up showing their adherents religion.

first Timothy offers handy and peaceful guidance from the maturing Paul to youthful minister Timothy in the congregation at Ephesus. If not taken with alert, is the start of an unchristlike religion. ~FRZ

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